Which language school/course would you recommend for an "advanced beginner"?

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Here's the thing... I've been in Prague for about a year and dated a Czech man for two years, so I already have a bit of a grasp of the language. I've never taken any courses or lessons, I've just been listening to people, learning new words and checking new things from my grammar book every now and then. I understand simple Czech quite well and now I'd like to become better at speaking. I'd like to take a course that would focus on conversational Czech as well as the grammar (I know the past and future tense, imperative, and most cases already, but then again I might not know some really basic things). Can anyone recommend a langauge school that would offer something suitable for me? I can't afford a private teacher, but I'm afraid it might be hard to find a group that would be on the same level with the language as me.
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05-12-11, 05:13 PM

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