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I've been unable to meet anyone willing to exchange their Swedish for any of the languages I know (interesting might be Slovak and Czech), so at least I'd like some advice on what to do in order to not forget everything and improve my Swedish in some other way.

I know that there exist books (fiction) with original language on the odd (left) and another language on the even (right) side, I've seen such in French/Czech.

I wonder if you know about such books (possibly Swedish -> English/Czech/Slovak/German)? Or perhaps could recommend me an ordinary book in Swedish (but also in German) I could read. My skills are something I'd call intermediate or mediocre, I'm capable of basic communication but my vocabulary is still very limtted -- that's one of the reasons I'm looking for such a way to enlarge it.

I have to say I'm not a big book fan, basically I don't read and haven't read a fictious book in a decade, however it's never late to re-start, is it?

Någon som kan kanske hjälpa mig? Snälla?

Många tack!

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08-03-11, 12:22 AM

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