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We are looking for talented performers of all disciplines to audition for a unique and innovative comedy-horror cabaret show starting in April 2010, and running for 3-6 months in Central Prague, 1 to 2 nights per week.

You should have a good knowledge of English as the show will be performed in that language, and be free to rehearse during the day in February and March, during which you will be able to contribute ideas for the final show.

The successful team of performers will be offered 1200Kc per performance.

Auditions will be held in mid-January.

We are also looking for musicians who play drums, bass, or lead guitar, or keyboards.

Finally, if you have a specialty act which would fit into the comedy-horror genre, please send us details of your act.

For more information, please send your headshots, resume, and showreel, if you have one, to cabaret.macabre.prague@gmail.c om.

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