Czech Republic Where to buy cheap oils (for massage) in Prague? (http://www.expats.cz/prague/showthread.php?t=350493)

prague101 15-02-12 01:52 PM

Where to buy cheap oils (for massage) in Prague?
I'm looking to buy oil that can be used in massage. I took a look online at things like Erotic City but those are relatively expensive for a small amount. I think it'd be much cheaper to purchase some sort of oil (almond, fractionated coconut, sunflower) in some big generic container then put it into another pump bottle (for example, http://www.couronneco.com/upload/im...pump_bottle.jpg). The types of oils I'm looking for are at http://altmedicine.about.com/od/mas...massage_oil.htm (except not olive oil even though they mention it).

If you could suggest where I might find some of these oils, as well as a pump bottle, I'd really appreciate it. (Any idea how much I could expect to spend on the oil?) Thank you.

hroch 15-02-12 07:12 PM

The mini-series continues...

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