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Beas Dhaba Sokolovská

This is a restaurant chain in Prague. I have eaten at several of them in...

posted by Globetrotter

Curry Palace

The food, the atmosphere, the service, the prices and the personal touch all...

posted by Jingle Bells Preschool

Clear Head (Lehká hlava)

It's very hard to get a table here, especially if you have a big group, but...

posted by Michelle .Polacinski

Spice India

A classy restaurant that's a bit too upscale for my student budget, but I...

posted by katuti

Mlsná kavka

I really like this kind of project which is the first reason to choose mlsná...

posted by neeena

Maitrea Restaurant

Went the night before Valentine's with my fiancé but the service ruined our...

posted by Mysicko

Beas Dhaba Vladislavova

Dhaba Sokolovska saved my lunchbreaks. Not only the food is healthy, but also...

posted by sgart85

Golden Tikka - Konviktská - Indian Restaurant

Tikka Indian restaurant is the best Indian food in Prague, coming from an...

posted by RXFORU

The Pind

A restaurant of this quality is welcome anywhere, and The Pind deserves all...

posted by Builder Bewilder


The first vegetarian restaurant in Prague (since spring 1992) maintains its...

posted by jm108

Mlsná kavka (Picky Jackdaw)

Great project, good food, prices, and nice friendly staff. I want to say...

posted by freeform23

Tandoor Indian Restaurant

Today I had my first opportunity to eat in Tandoor - the authentic Indian...

posted by martin_b80


This is my favorite restaurant in Prague for its distinctive almost surreal...

posted by aspirio

Country Life

Country life used to be a well-located place, offering very cheap and healthy...

posted by bananafish

Loving Hut

I've tried this place a few times. The vegetarian sushi starter is an...

posted by fruitwaffle

Malý Buddha

I love the food here - all kinds of asian food with fresh vegetables and...

posted by bella_prague


You come, you ask for their 'small meal' (which is huge!), you get plate with...

posted by modrakocka