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Prague 2 - Vinohrady
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The Prague Thrift Store is a classic, western style Thrift Shop in Prague, Czech Republic. Supporting selected non-profit organizations partners: IWAP, homeless center and mother shelter. Central locations - great prices.
The 2nd location: Dukelských Hrdinů 21, 170 00 Praha 7, near Strossmayerovo náměstí

If you looking for something please feel free to call/text:608-623-339

• Quality Second Hand Clothing: Dress good and feel good, with a wide range of good quality new and well treated secondhand clothes, selected with care.

• Household Goods: Make your home better for less, a great selection of kitchen and household items awaits you at the Prague Thrift Store.

• Wide Range of Books: From fiction to self-help, our collection of books in many languages are organised for easy browsing, and all in great quality!

• A Large Selection of Furniture: We've got just the thing you need, whether you're a college student trying to live frugally or a hipster trying to assemble a shabby chic living room.

• Thrifting is Recycling: Save money while you save the planet... whether you donate or shop, you're helping to reduce the environmental impact of our modern society, while helping those less fortunate among us.

• Donation Pickup: We'll make it easy for you; if you are unable to make it to the thrift store with your donations, we offer a pick up service by appointment. Pick up form:

Prague Thrift Store helps people get through tough economic times by accepting donated goods and offering them for sale at low prices to help low income earners, mother's shelters, children's centers and drug addicted youth programmes, via direct donations as well as cash funding for their very important aid efforts.

When you donate you also help in these projects, as well as helping our planet by reducing waste via recycling and reuse. You're invited to bring your donations to the shop, or feel free to contact us and we'' pick up your donations at a time and place convenient for you!

You're helping to save the planet:
> by conserving finite resources
> by reducing need for landfills
> by reducing pollution

You're helping people in need
> by providing low cost goods to low earners
> by funding non-profit programmes
> by helping the less well off — at Prague Thrift Store.


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A Gem of a Shop

posted by OP2013 View all reviews by OP2013
12:12:08 24/10/2013

The owner, Tomas and Barbara, are wonderfully helpful and friendly. The store offers a wide array of goods and clothing. Patrons can pay by credit/debit card and if something needs to be delivered, the owners assist with that as well. Recently, I purchased a winter coat and hat for 200Kc and books for 10 Kc each during sale days at the store. A lovely place to go for home furnishings, clothes, or a chat while browsing the offerings of the day. I highly recommend this store to locals and visitors alike.


posted by Private Eye View all reviews by Private Eye
22:10:52 09/09/2011

I went to the Thrift Store and was quite taken aback by the amount of goodies inside! The owners are delightfully friendly, enthusiastic and helpful enough to just want to go to the shop to say hi (which they did tell me I should do) The shop is full of gift ideas, essential items, handy appliances, retro and modern sunglasses, clothes, shoes, scarves, bags... you name it. I fully recommend the Thrift Store whether you are new in town looking for those everyday items or just looking to browse because I doubt you'd leave empty handed. 5*'s for this shop :-)

A great resource, finally!

posted by annooooo View all reviews by annooooo
15:03:26 24/02/2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Tamas and Barbara today, they came to my home and picked up the leavings from a clothing swap, then we drove to nadace where 5 large bags of clothing were donated, and finally to the store, which is a treasure trove of the sort we are used to finding in in North America. I could spend hours poking about through all the goodies they have, from quality clothing to English books to porcelain to baby stuff and so much more! I really appreciate having this great shop in Prague, and I wish them continued success!

It's about time!

posted by en View all reviews by en
23:11:51 10/02/2011

This is EXACTLY the kind of store Prague needed. Why did it take so long? Just about anything you want, except food, can be found here. Home furnishings, books, CDs, electronics, clothing and accessories, decorations, toys, DVDs, and more are yours for the choosing in this gem of a store. The owners are very friendly and helpful, making this store an even greater place to shop!

Prague Thrift Store

posted by jmckie View all reviews by jmckie
22:10:23 27/01/2011

I recently discovered this place with one of my friends and it is great! They have a great selection of stuff and the staff is so friendly. I am defintitley going back there!

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