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SWIM SMOOTH Swimming Club

I swam in a club in my youth, and took it up again several years ago for...

posted by Jennifer.Loewen-Horsch

SWIM SMOOTH Swimming Coaching

Gabriela supported me to improve my breast stoke (I was struggling fro years)...

posted by luedia

P. Štěpánek - Tennis Coach

As an ex-squash professional who loves tennis and who understands the...

posted by Kevin Mularski

Sport Project Swimming

I recently joined SPS and found their classes to be very good. They offer a...

posted by Taurus

Prague Yoga Teacher Trainings & Certification Programs

I decided to take this course to further develop my knowledge and teaching...

posted by petval

Bikram Yoga

The first three times you try this you are never quite sure if you will pass...

posted by coco