Carlsbad Clinic

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City Karlovy Vary
Address Marianskolazenska 17
Zip/Postal Code 360 01
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Welcome to the world of beauty and health at our Carlsbad Clinic. Carlsbad Clinic in Karlovy Vary and its experienced team are here to assist you with this pursuit. The combination of alternative medicine and modern treatment allows us to make your body and soul interact in harmony.

The Carlsbad Clinic offers a large variety of services:

- The relaxational part of the Carlsbad Clinic is the Thai massage floor "Mystic Buddha" and the beauty parlour "Magic Charm" where cosmetic treatments are executed by professional hands and in relaxational surroundings. You can find perfect relaxation and anti-stress treatment.

- The medical part consists of the classic massages and gastroenterology, cardiology,

hydrocolonotherapy, surgery.

You can use the services of all-body cryotherapy, traditional as well as diverse kinds of Thai massages, skin and body treatment with natural luxusy cosmetics, intestinal lavage. We can also perform radical procedures should your condition require so. We have a modern operating theatre where our professional team corrects the imperfections of your body, employing modern surgical techniques, which means that most clients can leave the facility immediately after their surgical procedure

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