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Move to Prague - Relocation services

Ječná 243/39a
Prague 2 - Nové město
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Namesti Miru, Karlovo namesti, I.P.Pavlova

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I. P. Pavlova, Štěpánská

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Hello there,

we are Jan and Daria, and here is our MOVE TO PRAGUE relocation services - Your first friend in Prague!

Being expats and travelers ourselves, we had experienced a lot of troubles dealing with visas, licenses, accommodation and other bureaucracy. So, we said ENOUGH and established our own company almost 6 years ago, and decided to do everything in a different way, to really guide you, to be your first friend in Prague before and after your arrival! We are the ones you can always rely on and we will be more than happy to help you anytime with any task! Over these years, you, our clients, have become our dearest friends, and we are happy to claim us YOUR FIRST FRIEND IN PRAGUE! :)

Some of the services we provide:

- short/long term rental (flat or house)
- selling/buying a property (flat or house)

- help with long term visas, long term and permanent residencies
- help with trade licence
- insurance for foreigners
- opening a bank account
- Czech sim card
- public transport card
- preschool/school/university search
- translations
- picking you up from the airport
- and many other useful services :)

Drop us an e-mail at or call us at +420737045575! We will be more than happy to help you find your new home in Prague or just answer all your possible questions about relocation to Prague :)

Have a great day!

Jan and Daria on behalf of the whole staff!

Ječná 243/39a
Prague 2 - Nové město
12000 to view
+420click to view
+420click to view

Nearest metro

Namesti Miru, Karlovo namesti, I.P.Pavlova

Nearest tram

I. P. Pavlova, Štěpánská

43 Reviews
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Great, excelent and much more...

posted by Sylwia G
14:02:35 08/01/2017

If you are looking somebody who help you to move to Prague Jan and Daria are the best choice. They are really nice people and it is clearly visible that they really like what they are doing. Of course they are also professionals in 100%. We really like the apartment which they found for us. It meets almost all requirement and it doesn’t cost “million coins” They also helped us with other things like how to choose the best bank, mobile and internet provider etc. What is very important we can count of their help even now, few months after movement. We had non-typical requirement regarding our apartment and big movement company treated us with reluctance. Move to Prague undertook the task and complied with its really well. The last but not least they are much, much cheaper than big agencies. I highly recommend them.

Impeccable Service - Absolutely Trustworthy

posted by Rui Rato
17:05:51 19/11/2016

Moving to the Czech Republic, to Prague, even if you are an EU national, is not the easiest thing to do - specially if you do not know the language. I have moved to Prague for professional reasons and needed to find an apartment that I could call home, and I had very specific needs; no ordinary place would do. In the matter of a few days after having engaged Jan and Daria's services, they found it: the perfect apartment. They patiently endured my requests and conditions and were not only professional, but expedient. They gave me exactly what I was looking for in an apartment. Not only that, but they also provided help with smaller matters that are also important, and which would have been terribly annoying for me to have dealt with on my own. To this day they will assist me even in the smallest matter, if I really need their help. Their support is constant and that makes me feel truly rewarded for their service. They do charge a fee, but it's effectively much cheaper than what your standard real estate agencies will charge. Their offer is, as it stands, pure value. I cannot recommend them enough.

Just Do It

posted by Colin Asher
14:02:25 13/11/2016

Jan and Daria are the ones you need if you are moving to Prague. It may seem tempting to go it alone in your search for an apartment, but, as you will soon realize, this is infinitely more problematic. J and D and their associates smooth over many pitfalls you don't even know about. For a small fee they will set you up in an apartment that suits your needs, as they are patient and sensitive to your personality and preferences in finding you an abode. This group is not just a bunch of realtors, but relocation specialists, who will continually answer many questions about Czech bureaucracy and help you in a myriad of other dimensions. They are the real deal.

True hospitality...

posted by Stefanie Kamstra
12:12:33 05/11/2016

We moved to Prague in August of 2016 from California, USA. Daria and Jan made this transition so SMOOTH! We are grateful for their guidance with finding a home, transportation from the airport, mobile phones, home services... for everything we needed, they had a plan! We couldn't have done this without them and we recommended them to other teachers at our school. They also were amazed at their hospitality. We couldn't give a higher review--thank you!

Can't recommend highly enough

posted by Kerri Wilson
16:04:24 01/11/2016

Move to Prague is so far the best choose I've made in this process. Jan and Daria were super helpful and found us a flat that we adore. More importantly, though, the help didm;t stop when we paid the bill. They continue to be available to answer questions and help navigate our way through this transition. I've recommended them already to friends, and will do so again!

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