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Private kindergarten and nursery in centre of Prag.
- we accept children starting at 12 months
- located near Václavské square, in quiet rooms opposite the Riegerovy orchards

Main benefites:
- time flexibility to accomodate your needs
- English speaking staff
- application of Motesorri education
- healthy and diverse board/ vegetarian food.
- trips to nature
- professional yoga for children
- just a step away from park
- minimum member of children per teacher - individual approach

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Very pleased!

posted by diogomarquesm
09:09:16 26/11/2015

Our daughter has been attending KidsPark since she was 14 months old and now a few months later we are very happy we chose this place for her. The staff are very dedicated to the kids and you can see that they truly care. Lovely Zuzana always let's us know how her day went and tells us funny stories about what our daughter did that day. One of the great things about KidsPark is obviously the wonderful park right across the street, where they take the kids whenever the weather allows it, which I love. In the mornings our daughter is never sad to arrive and she will immediately try to jump out her stroller to start her day. I think the mix of ages has really helped our daughter learn from the older children and it provides a great environment. All in all it's a wonderful nursery/kindergarten where the child's happiness is truly valued and we couldn't be more pleased! Thanks

Wonderful Caring Staff

posted by Heather.T
14:02:31 07/07/2015

We love Kids Park! Our 3 year old daughter is currently enrolled at Kids Park and every day she asks me if it is a school day and whether or not she can go see Mrs. Zuzana. There are so many wonderful things to say about Kids Park I'm not sure where to start! First, we love that kids of all ages are put into the class together (this is not the case at home in the States). It has given our daughter a chance to learn from older kids while also feeling special that she gets to teach the younger kids some things. The school is located across from a park and every day the weather is good the kids put on their safety vests and walk over. We love that she gets plenty of time outside and gets to explore her world. The teachers are all very nice and take a little time at drop off and pick up to let us know what they have done during the day, how our daughter has been and any other helpful tidbits from the day. You can tell that the teachers really care about the kids and that they want them to have a good day. They are not just there to pass the hours, they make sure to engage the kids in crafts, yoga, field trips, playtime and meal times. We are so lucky that we have found Kids Park and wish that we could bring it back to the States with us when we return!!

A wonderful place for my son

posted by eric512
21:09:30 01/07/2015

My older son started attending Kids Park just after he turned two years. We wanted him to attend a day care to begin socializing with other children and to become accustomed to leaving the home for a few hours each day. We feel so blessed that we found Zuzana and Kids Park. It's just across the street from Riegrovy Sady, and the kids spend a lot of time there. My son has made so many good friends, and he loves to tell us about them. He's progressed in so many ways in the past seven months, particularly in language skills and in general comprehension, and I think that Zuzana, other staff members, and the other children deserve some of the credit. We'll move away from Prague in a few weeks, and I regret that my older son's time with Kids Park will end and that his younger brother won't have the chance to attend, too. I would highly recommend Kids Park to other parents.

Absolutely Fantastic!

posted by Anonymous
21:09:01 05/11/2014

Our daughter has been going to Kids Park for a couple of months now and we could not be more delighted. The staff are amazingly friendly, helpful, warm and generally brilliant and they really care about the children The facilities are fantastic, the hours are flexible and the prices are great. It's in a lovely location as it's right opposite a park and the Montessori philosophy suits us brilliantly. We cannot recommend Kids Park highly enough! A truly fantastic find - in fact our daughter loves it so much, she sometimes cries when she has to leave! Sophie and Oliver.


posted by Anonymous
21:09:32 31/10/2014

Máme vynikající zkušenosti s pedagogickým talentem paní Zuzany Formankové. Doučovala jak male, tak i velké v naší rodině angličtině a češtině. Je velmi profesionální, odpovědný a vřelý člověk s úžasným citem pro humor.