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We are licensed swimming school of an exciting Australian method SWIM SMOOTH and we are providing personalized swimming lessons for adults and children through English and Czech.

Our services include:

- Full Swim Smooth Video Analysis

- Instruction In All Four Strokes (Freestyle, Breaststroke, backstroke, Butterfly)

- Specialization In Teaching, Fitness And Health Swimming

- One to One Training

- Squad Training

- Beginner, Intermediate And Advanced Lessons

To read more, please, visit www.swimsmooth.cz or give head coach Gabriela a call +420 602 665 554.



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Great swim coaching and hints

posted by luedia View all reviews by luedia
20:08:58 15/06/2014

Gabriela supported me to improve my breast stoke (I was struggling fro years) and is teaching me free-style. With her great attitude and professional expertise she has the right exercises and hints for me to bring me to the next level. I really enjoy the lessons with her and I am proud of the progress. I would recommend her any time!

Swimming Lessons

posted by pmaher View all reviews by pmaher
11:11:44 26/07/2011

I'm on my second set of 10 lessons with Gabriella and if it was possible I would give her a rating of 11 out of 10! I'd taught myself to swim, but very badly, and my kids laugh at my puffing and splashing, so I was keen to delelop some technique. By videoing my movement with an underwater camera Gabriella was able to show me why I was putting in so much effort for so little return. We started from scratch and I've developed an effecient stroke and built up my swimming fitness and endurance. I'm a slow learner (age!) but Gabriela has been very patient and scientific in her approach.

Very good swimming lessons

posted by AbeLynx View all reviews by AbeLynx
17:05:18 01/09/2011

As a recreational swimmer who wanted to improve, I requested the help of Ms. Fetterova. I did not know what to expect as I never had a one-to-one coach before. On the first meeting after the introduction, she proceeded on filming how I swim the different strokes. The following day, she presented her analysis . We viewed the video together where she explained thoroughly what I was doing wrong. To correct these faults, she prepared a list of exercises which we used for the training in the swimming sessions. During the sessions, she made sure that I know how to perform each exercise correctly and what it is supposed to address. Overall, these coaching sessions were very positive. The video analysis is a great help as I have a good idea now of what I am doing. Her explanations were clear and the exercises were well structured to help me improve. In my case, it would be a lot of work as it involves changing the habits I have developed over the years. I would highly recommend to anyone who wishes to improve swimming the coaching system developed by Ms. Fetterova. She understands the capabilities and limitations of her student and tailors her approach accordingly. Ever since I had the coaching, I incorporate the exercises she asked me in my swimming sessions. If I have the chance to be coached by her regularly I would do so. It would be great to have an external feedback. But definitely I would see her again on my next visit to Prague.

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