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7 Tacos

In this hotel restaurant at least the prepare the food from scratch, not like...

posted by Felipe.Chavez

Las Adelitas

Dear all. It is a petty that such restaurant name has become popular due...

posted by Felipe.Chavez

Burrito Loco

Do Prahy jezdime s manzelkou jiz dlouha leta a objevili jsme nyni Burrito...

posted by Jan.Rikl


When I eat out I usually want to order things that I can't make myself or...

posted by mattjc

Amores Perros

Terrible. Really awful. 20 minutes before the waitress came to take an...

posted by Katie/Katerina

Hacienda Mexicana

Yes, the food at Hacienda is mostly terrible Czexican (quesadillas/burritos...

posted by Stan Plasm

Hombre del Mundo Mexicano Restaurant

This was the most disgusting taco I have ever had in my entire life. It was...

posted by ganahlster


We had been there the week before easter. Even if I booked a table we first...

posted by aldifreak

El Gaucho

I went here for a recent dinner with the husband, to see the historic...

posted by Marta Stewartova


Aztec was a surprise. After joining the voices in complaining about the lack...

posted by BWH