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Would you like to experience something new? Have you been tired? Has your sexual life been losing passion and desire? Do you want to surprise your partner with something special and exciting? Are you going to birthday party and you haven’t got the present yet?

Process of massage:
First you choose your massage girl.
You don’t have to be naked during the massage but the girl doesn’t wear much.
You get started with the shower together.
You can get comfortable on special massage coach and the massage girl will start with the soft relaxing massage all over your body.You can always point at the places which need special treatment.
Your erotic zones will get special attention:
For example; tights or ass……etc…
You can enjoy body slime massage-special breast massage treatment all over your body.
This part ends with hand massage of Lingam………..
Thanks to this special combination you can get absolute relaxation of all your senses. Your body can experience unbelievable pleasure and your mind can be relieved from all kind of pressures and stresses and you can be waved to sensuality.
Absolute experience is supported by specialy placed mirrors in the room.
The perfection of your experience can be made stronger with special vibrating jet bath and aromatic bath foam where your body parts get attention for improve of sexual feeling.
During the massage the luxury body oil LELO is used. You can also ask for type of oil without any particular smell.


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