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Jingle Bells Preschool - Namesti Miru

26/03/2017 Who would expect that it is going to be a problem to get a kid out of pre-school? Well, somehow...

posted by Alena Fričová

Jingle Bells Preschool - Hradčanská

29/01/2017 This is the right one (preschool for my daughter Julia, 3 years old). There is a difference...

posted by Marketa Jungova

Live TEFL Prague

03/11/2016 How do you live life? How do you approach the issues and decisions? Do you shoot first and ask...

posted by Tomaž Anclin

Oxford TEFL

13/10/2016 Attending the course in Oxford Tefl Prague was the best decision. The tutors were really...

posted by Monika Kučerová

Alinea - French lessons

04/10/2016 Romain is undoubtedly one of the best language teachers I have ever had; he not only possesses...

posted by Aakash Ravi

Correct Language Centre

25/09/2016 I've been taking private Skype lessons through the CORRECT Language Centre for about two years...

posted by Chris Lysack

Teflpro Prague

06/09/2016 I have recently completed a TEFL course with TEFL Pro Prague. I have to say that the course...

posted by Karel Klic

Czech Courses

23/05/2016 The value for money is really good and the teachers are very nice. I like that the groups are...

posted by Ena Fejzagic

GREEN TREE Preschool & Academy

01/05/2016 I am greatly satisfied with Green Tree Preschool and I highly recommend it. The school has a...

posted by Ebru Caglar

Akcent International House Prague

07/02/2015 Akcent boasts to be the only school in Prague who offers the CELTA certificate. That doesn't make...

posted by Michael.Koperniak

Lingua Connect

10/12/2014 I appreciate the friendly attitude of native-speaking teacher. We combine coversation with...

posted by Lenka.Psajdlova

Hana Diringerova

19/09/2014 With Hana learning Czech was very efficient and productive, but it was also fun. Keep it up,...

posted by Andreas.Willburg

Language School Mavo

01/12/2011 I can't believe how much I've learnt! The best course I've ever attended. Friendly and...

posted by janeN

Active Czech

30/08/2011 Of all the Czech teachers I have ever studied with, I think this one taught Czech most...

posted by marcus82

SFF servis plus

07/04/2011 I was learning Czech for beginners from January-March 2011 at a course offered by SF Servis and I...

posted by anca_ame

Andrew Power, Business English Communications

10/11/2009 Andrew mi pomáhá, aby se ujistil, že někdy to, co přijde z mého stolu je perfektní a moje...

posted by klaushammer


08/08/2005 Great School. Family atmosphere, good bunch of teachers, good resources, good atmosphere. They...

posted by Colm.