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CZ Lingua


We are a group of busy engineers who hired a Czech teacher from CZLingua for 1.5 hours/week...

posted by Donald.Peyrot

Czech Courses


It was pleasure to study at that school. It was the best course I have ever studied. Frantishka...

posted by Denis.Bykov

Live TEFL Prague


Overall, I was quite impressed with LiveTEFL Prague. The course was intense, as promised, but...

posted by Daniel.Jones

Akcent International House Prague


Akcent boasts to be the only school in Prague who offers the CELTA certificate. That doesn't make...

posted by Michael.Koperniak

Jingle Bells English Language Preschool


We are a family from Moldova and we love Jingle Bells! I It became my son's second home, as he is...

posted by Dana.Hajdau Odainic

Teflpro Prague


I found TEFL Pro Prague classes very informative and enjoyable at the same time. I especially...

posted by Sean.Eshoo

Lingua Connect


I appreciate the friendly attitude of native-speaking teacher. We combine coversation with...

posted by Lenka.Psajdlova

Hana Diringerova


With Hana learning Czech was very efficient and productive, but it was also fun. Keep it up,...

posted by Andreas.Willburg

Alinea - French lessons


I put myself into contact with Romain Vallée thanks to this website and my overall impression of...

posted by Andrey Bakholdin

TEFL in Prague


Before I took this course, I did not have any experience teaching. Now, just a couple months...

posted by MrSillyful

Language School Stories


Studying Czech with Archimedes Language Academy has helped take my Czech to the next level. The...

posted by csand

Language School Mavo


I can't believe how much I've learnt! The best course I've ever attended. Friendly and...

posted by janeN

Active Czech


Of all the Czech teachers I have ever studied with, I think this one taught Czech most...

posted by marcus82

Sff servis plus


I was learning Czech for beginners from January-March 2011 at a course offered by SF Servis and I...

posted by anca_ame

Andrew Power, Business English Communications


Andrew mi pomáhá, aby se ujistil, že někdy to, co přijde z mého stolu je perfektní a moje...

posted by klaushammer



Great School. Family atmosphere, good bunch of teachers, good resources, good atmosphere. They...

posted by Colm.