Nemocnice Na Homolce - Czech Hospital

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City Prague 5
Address Roentgenova 2
Zip/Postal Code 150 30
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Na Homolce Hospital was opened in 1990 as a hospital for specialized acute care medicine focused on three clinical programs:

Neuroprogram (Neurology/Neurosurgery)

A program with nation-wide working area focused on diagnostics, treatment and associated physiotherapy of the diseases and injuries of the central and peripheral nervous system and locomotive system for the patients from all parts of the Czech Republic.

Cardiovascular Program

A nation-wide program focused on diagnostics, treatment and special physiotherapy of vascular and heart diseases in the patients from all parts of the Czech Republic.

General Medical Care Program

A regional program focused on comprehensive offer of general health care provided by a large outpatient complex with 60 specialized clinics. The outpatient complex is linked to hospital wards specialized in surgery, orthopedics, urology, gynecology and internal medicine. The programe serves primarily the metropolitan area of Prague.

We offer:

Professional teams of physicians and surgeons, nurses, technicians, laboratory staff and other health care professionals

Wide scope of modern diagnostic and therapeutic methods

300 beds, 10 operating theaters, standard hospital care, post-operation and intensive care, care in the areas of anesthesia and resuscitation

Pleasant premises with comfortable accommodation in rooms with one to three beds

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