James Hair

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written by Ledion.Mih
posted on 13 August 2014
"Great salon"
written by Mosh229
posted on 9 February 2012

I've been to James Hair twice, both times with Pavlina as my stylist. She speaks excellent English, is very personable, and most importantly gives an excellent haircut. The rest of the staff was great as well, extremely accomodating and very friendly.

"james hair"
written by citibor
posted on 13 January 2009

i am very happy with petra at james hair!
the staff is young, trendy and know the business! great place to relax and look good!

"a depressing haircut"
written by starfish
posted on 9 November 2008

I've been to James Hair three, maybe four, times. I always just see a 'stylist' as opposed to a 'senior stylist' of the mythical James himself.

The first time I left satisfied, if not ecstatic; the second time was forgettable (that's the maybe); the third and fourth have found me walking out of the place feeling that my life was worse than it was when I walked in and this is absolutely not what I want in a haircut. It's not that the haircuts have been terrible technically - just not what I wanted.

I think a really important part, possibly THE most important part, of a hairdressers job is to communicate well. They need to be able to find out what you want and to be able to effectively communciate how they are going to acheive that. I find that the stylists at James Hair simply don't seem take the time and trouble to do this.

The problem is compounded by the fact that once your hairstyle has started to go in the wrong direction that subsequent hairstylists seem to assume that what you have is what you want and reproduce it.

Incidentally, language is not the key issue here - the one haircut that I did get that I was satisfied with at James Hair was with a woman who didn't speak any English but who took the time to find someone to translate for us and asked me questions about what I wanted. The haircut that I was most dissatisfied with was with a woman who spoke excellent English.

I'd like to find a hairstylist here in Prague that is able to communicate well enough to give me what I really want. And I think that I've given up on James Hair.

written by mcyr
posted on 1 May 2008

Don't take Pavla.
She has no confidence and it took her 3h30 to do some strikes and cut my hair!!!
She can't cut straight hair at all. My worst haircut in Prag.

"Miracle workers!!"
written by miss_merlot
posted on 30 April 2008

After a botched home hair dying attempt, James Hair successfully transformed me from scary bleach blonde with remaining mousy brown patches to classy all over ash blonde instead - same day appointment, friendly English / German speaking staff, not the cheapest in town but in my case definitely worth it!!! Thanks!!!

"supaa haircut"
written by janamata
posted on 13 September 2007

Thanks for nice haircut, James.

"Nowhere else"
written by Batguano
posted on 30 May 2007

James has been cutting my hair since 1994 and I wouldn't have it any other way. Simply the best!

"Recommend Chimain"
written by Rachel Oakley
posted on 21 May 2007

Chimain has done a fantastic job cutting and colouring my hair for the past 2 years. She is English and trained as a hairdresser and colourist in London.
She has managed to give me highlights that lift the colour of my hair but looks so natural that the roots barely show even after 2 months. She cuts well and my shoulder length hair continues to look good for at least 8 weeks after being cut.
James Hair are UK salon prices so you can get a cheaper cut at a Czech salon. However I think they are worth the expense.

"James Hair"
written by randysilver
posted on 1 May 2007

I really wanted a good haircut but not from the unimaginztive woman that has been cutting my hair for the last 7 years. After researching stylists in Prague, I decided that while visiting my daughter I would let James re-style my hair. He did such a great job. I get lots of compliments and best of all - I like it. For an American the price was certainly right. I feel like this haircut would have cost a lot more in the states. I highly recommend the salon. Thanks James - wish you could cut it again!

"customer more than 6 years"
written by crazys
posted on 30 January 2007

iam realy satisfied .. only once in a while i want to try somebody else and than i always find out james is REALY THE BEST!!! IAM 25 and iam realy very difficult and always wanted modern cuts and he always does it soo f... ing good and the longer hair grows the better haircut is ... he just have some damn good technique.. i recomend!!!!

written by slipping
posted on 1 August 2006

I have been using a "stylist" (as opposed to a pricier "senior stylist") for several months now and have been extremely happy. This place is well-run, has a good atmosphere and most important, gives a good haircut!

"James Hair Salon"
written by hypallage
posted on 27 July 2006

Talented stylists. Friendly service. Great music to listen to whilst having your hair cut in very pleasant surroundings. Excellent coffee.