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MINDMAZE brings to life the "escape the room" type of online games - it's a live, interactive adventure game, where the stake is high and the time is running! A team consisting of 2-5 people is locked-up in a room. The aim of the game is to find the way out in less than 60 minutes. But to break free is not so easy! The room is full of usual (and unusual) objects, so observe them all as they might help you to get closer to your freedom. Connect the missing links, open locks, decipher codes, solve logical problems and puzzles and use what seems useless to complete the mission.


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Mindmaze is so much fun

posted by Emma Wood
15:03:34 18/11/2016

Ive been there with my family it was so much fun I would recommend it to everybody

Best exit rooms in Prague

posted by Adam Szabo
09:09:21 21/09/2016

We loved the Enigma and the Alchemist rooms of MindMaze!

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