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Have to revoke my earlier negative comment I suppose, the half-mug foamy head...

posted by ftw.Prague


If you are looking for a restaurant with a good price/quality...do yourself a...

posted by Ryaku

School Restaurant & Lounge

We went there for breakfast and it was pretty good. I had a Phenix which was...

posted by toxis

Costa Praga Restaurant

We recently tried the brunch at Il Giardino restaurant in the Movenpick...

posted by emma4646

Restaurant Malostranská

Hi, I went to this restaurant last night and it was the worst mistake. The...

posted by shessop

Certovka Restaurant and Pivnice

I visited this place with some out-of-country relatives visiting Prague. Our...

posted by mrazm

La Degustation - Boheme Bourgeoise

Possibly the best culinary adventure I have ever had. There were actually...

posted by coco

Potrefená Husa Hybernská

I freely admit that I do not like P.Husa at any location, but I had out of...

posted by Ciaran Kelly

Mlýnec Restaurant

When I visited there with my family, we spent a wonderful night there. We...

posted by KengoJason

Restaurant U Vejvodů

Pros: - The place is good enough with typical Czech atmosphere. - Beer is...

posted by lone.ranger

Ztráty & Nálezy

This place is simply great. We go to the place at least once a week in...

posted by aldifreak

Baráčnická rychta

My wife and I visited the Baráčnická Rychta, having read some favourable...

posted by BernieT

Bonante Restaurant

Had a dinner here a week ago and I gotta admit steak in pepper sauce was...

posted by jarkko

Restaurant U Glaubicu

If you're after a classic Czech meal, this place serves it up with the best...

posted by Honza65


A couple of weeks before Christmas a friend and I decided to give Bellevue a...

posted by Nassim

JB Club Restaurant

I visited this restaurant just after it changed ownership, when it was known...

posted by *******

Střelecký ostrov Restaurant & Café & Bar & Terrace

I wasn't surprised to read the other bad reviews of this restaurant on this...

posted by mycrows

Cerny Baron

Maybe Pippi caught them on a bad night! Been there twice and had good meals...

posted by annemarie

David Club Restaurant

Tucked back on a tiny lane near the American Embassy, this little place is a...

posted by KellyMcB


Okay... I give the place a score of 4 because there did seem to be some folk...

posted by Teabags

Restaurace U Neklana

I agree wholeheartedly with the previous review! It's a great place that I...

posted by Pragueboy-Joe

Kure v Hodinkach

Went there with the other half a few days ago - was quite impressed with the...

posted by John Vincent Moon

Lvi Dvur Restaurant

We visited this restaurant recently and were bitterly dissapointed with...

posted by Manesova

Rango Restaurant

This is a very nice Italian Restaurant in Pilsen, just off the Main Town...

posted by cogsy

Rudy Baron

My wife and I have eaten at Rudy Baron's 3 times, with great results. Every...

posted by dwlarsen