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Buying or selling a car in the Czech Republic can be confusing process -- but service can help.

We guide you through the process of selling cars, buying, checking, testing new cars, advertising, registering, de-registering your car and much more, to make sure you get an honest and real deal.

We can help you in the following ways:

- Aid in buying/selling a car
- Hustle free car assistance/service
- Vehicle due diligence, inspection before buying a car
- Car insurance with 25% bonus
- Importing a car from the EU
- Bureaucratic and dreadful paperwork at vehicle registration bureau
- Mandatory MOT inspection
- Czech driving license

Visit our website, get acquainted with the local car environment and save your time, stress and money.

Check our Facebook to find all you need about driving, owning and trading your car on the Czech market.

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he sold my car

posted by Dmitry Patrakov
22:10:18 26/04/2017

When I moved to Prague from Russia I bring my car with me. It is Peugeot, not popular here. Now I am moving next. I asked Jan to sell my car. I was afraid fraud, it is dangerous in Russia to give somebody car, all documents and power of attorney, but Jan did all according our contract, within terms and price that we agreed. He also made a small discount for service fee. So I recommend Jan, he is a friendly and honest person.

do it

posted by Anonymous
19:07:23 30/04/2014

the rates are very competitive. The service is super fast. I recommend any expatriate to buy his dream car from germany ( or and then register it here in czechia for peanuts compared to what it cost in other countries. There are no yearly fees and insurance is cheap. Totally worth it

Friendly professional service

posted by Expatscz Admin
17:05:33 14/09/2013

Jan took very good care of when helping us to sell our cars and buy replacements. Knowledgeable, friendly and professional.

Very happy with the service

posted by Anonymous
08:08:28 13/09/2012

We used this service to get our car registered in to Czech Republic, Jan also helped us to find good deals on insurance and summer tyres. Saved a lot of time with reasonable cost, thanks Jan!

Highly recommended

posted by Anonymous
21:09:06 27/03/2012

ParkMyCar helped me buy my car. They help sort out all the papers needed (contract, insurance, registration etc), they are also checking cars to buy (detailed inspections). They speak English, are friendly, helpful and professional. I highly recommend them.