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Black Light Theatre Animato

Even though the principle of the black cabinet (theatre) goes back several centuries, it has not been forgotten, if anything the opposite. One could say that the cradle of black theatre was, at least according to reputation, ancient China during the dynasty of Ming syn Liang under the government of the Emperor Vang-Pang. Reputation also says: "The Emperor was very sad when his son died and found it difficult to come to terms with his death". However, in those days a certain Mang-ti belonged to the circle of court magicians. Using light and darkness, the contrast of black and white and the so-called black cabinet, he managed to evoke for the Emperor an illusion of his son and thus to subdue his grief for at least a moment. The journey of this art from China to Europe was certainly neither short nor simple. What is certain is that from its beginnings this technique and its possibilities have been perfected in all aspects and now innumerable artists, illusionists, jugglers and magicians, use, for better or worse, the principles of the black cabinet in their performances. The technique has been around the Czech lands and has been developed into various charming stories for almost half a century.


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