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Saint Nicholas Cafe

The Best Cocktails & Pizza in Mala Strana.

Welcome to Saint Nicholas Cafe! Located in Mala Strana the oldest part of Praha.We are located in a beautiful UNICEF listed building built in 1554.Our 451year old cellar is wonderful replication of the original area of its style and time in Mala Strana. Let us then tantilize you from the moment you walk through our originally hand crafted doors from a bygone era. You will be amazed at the beautifully historic murals on the walls and dazzled by our new glass mirrored cocktail bar. You will then be delighted to watch our master pizza chefs in their open air kitchen. St.Nicks is designed for comfort and relaxation through our laid back lounge arrangement. Its perfect for romantic liasons, casual groups out together and just a nice drink at our new solid Pruvian driftwood bar. We have thought out all of the details such as the casual seating, lighting and a music selection such as classic rock, jazz/blues and pop music.


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Saint Nicholas Cafe

posted by Anonymous
12:12:11 15/02/2006

This place is nice, very chilled. Quite dim inside but feels like money, near a lot of embassies etc. Its as cheap as many other places in Prague but it doesnt break the bank either. You arent that far away from the end of Carlov Most but it didnt seem to have attracted too many tourists (riff raff!). Be careful not to walk past it, its not that easy to see.

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