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Discover world with Turkish Airlines – one of the youngest fleets in the sky!

Visit www.turkishairlines.cz

Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance.

With both youth and 76 years of experience, it is no wonder Turkish Airlines is one of the fastes growing airline in Europe.

Turkish Airlines flying more than 150 destinations worldwide with fleet of over 120 airplanes.


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Turkish Airlines

posted by Ciaran Kelly View all reviews by Ciaran Kelly
20:08:23 08/01/2009

Based on word of mouth advice, I took my delayed honeymoon to Istanbul over the holidays. In 2008 I flew, Lufthansa, SAS, Delta, Maleva and CSA, so I am no stranger to flying Chose Turkish Air for no other reason than they were 1/2 the price of both Lufthansa and CSA Thiese flights had the best tasting food I ever had on an aircraft. Fresh vegetarian dishes were simply great! The flight crews and ticket staff were friendly and had plenty of smiles. The flights were as smooth as a billiard table, and plenty of room for a 6 ft 4 inch man and his 6 foot bride I will doc a couple of points for the flights being 1 hr and 3 hrs delayed. And the idea of boarding by rows apparantly does not exist, so it is a bit of haphazard struggle to get on the craft. But, the luggage wasnt lost, journeys were smooth and comfy, food was very very good...surprisingly tasty. I will gladly fly again with them, especially since their tickets prices seem such a good value as contrasted to their competition

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