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Czech model Paulina Porizkova
Czech model Paulina Porizkova

The Ideal Woman Has a Czech Face Says New Poll

An international dating agency has created what it says is a composite of the world’s sexiest woman

Czech model Paulina Porizkova
Czech model Paulina Porizkova

The Ideal Woman Has a Czech Face Says New Poll

An international dating agency has created what it says is a composite of the world’s sexiest woman

Published 14.06.2017
Last updated 14.06.2017

The so-called “dream woman” has been revealed by international website for cheaters, Victoria Milan—and one of her most visible attributes is Czech, say the results of a new poll.

The company reportedly asked more than 5 million of its members from around the globe what they believed to be their sexiest feature, taking the “ultimate sexy stand-outs” from the top three countries to create the virtual “perfect woman.”

What were those winning features as determined by the poll? Eyes from Hungary, a Finnish bum, Danish breasts, Swiss hands, Polish legs, Spanish lips, and...a Czech face.

The results deemed women from the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Netherlands to have the prettiest faces featuring “high cheekbones, defined jaw lines, and the all-important symmetry.”

Photo: Victoria Milan
Photo: Victoria Milan

Company spokesperson Sigurd Vedal said: “The virtual perfect woman was created by women from countries all over the world who know their strengths and most beautiful features. By compiling this list, we’ve zoomed in on where to go to see the best the world has to offer. Get your passports ready!”

If this all a bit too much of exasperating junk science for you, consider this actual scientific study on prefered breast size conducted by Czech researchers last year, or conduct some independent research on the country’s prettiest faces with this wrap up of the Top Ten Czech Supermodels.

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What do you mean by "considerable opposition", Mr. Purkrábek? Even if there were a few dozens of "opponents" like you, you had better get accustomed to the ENGLISH equivalent to Česko, stop displaying your emotions and use common sense - zdravý rozum, as we say. Naturally, if you have not adopt Česko yet, you may have some difficulties to adopt its English translation! If so, it is high time for you to update your knowledge.

19.03.03 16.06.2017

Bylo tady řečeno tolik silných a logických a jednoznačných argumentů pro krátký, jednoslovný název naší země Česko = Czechia, že mne napadá jedině ono werichovské: "Kde blb, tam nebezpečno!"

17.29.32 16.06.2017

Pane Purkrábku, lidé si sice mohou říkat, co chtějí, ale ukazují tím svoji malost a hloupost. Protože jen hlupáka může napadnout v seznamu krátkých anglických jmen států odmítat používat anglický překlad jména, které se v češtině používá naprosto běžně. Czechia je schválený anglický překlad jména Česko, který naprosto přesně zapadá do matice čtyř jmen: české/anglické - krátké/dlouhé. Srovnejte se jmény Československo, či Slovensko: Československá republika >>Československo, Slovenská republika>>Slovensko, Slovak Republic>>Slovakia, Česká republika>>Česko, Czechoslovak Republic>>Czechoslovakia, Czech Republic>>Czechia. Tvrzení o líbivosti zde nemá místo. Stačí si zvyknout. Kdo si zvykne rychleji, získá náskok. Kdo si zvyknout odmítá a své názory zdůvodňuje osobními pocity, brzy zjistí, že mu ujíždí vlak, protože o pocity zde vůbec nejde. Jméno Czechia bylo vybráno a téměř jednomyslně odsouhlaseno k tomu, aby zacelilo mezeru ve slovnících, kde dosud anglický překlad jména Česko chyběl. Kdo se na zacelování mezery odmítá podílet, je odsouzen k tomu, aby do ní zahučel... A to je i váš případ. My ostatní budeme cizincům vysvětlovat, že Czechia je totéž co Czech Republic, jako byla Czechoslovakia totéž, co Czechoslovak Republic. Věřte, že to cizinci pochopí během pár vteřin – stačí jim popsat hlavní výhody - viz např. zde:

17.14.02 16.06.2017

It's a deep mistake. You believe only your personal feelings, which are irrelevant. The name of the country is not a matter of subjective quasi-aesthetics. The name of the state should meet objective criteria, being intelligible, plain, and clear. Czechia (the name with history more than 400 years long is not any nonsense, being linguistically fully correct) fulfils this requirement, and it is quite irrelevant whether or not I like it: this name does the state a good service because it bridges and welds together its various forms in the course of time. It presents country as a stable, continual and indisputable state unit, independent - historically and geographically, from within and from without - of political and social changes. Rejecting it and the use of political name is bad habit and very shortsighted viewpoint, restricting our country to state with only 24 years short history. Maybe you do not mind about it, but it is not only your personal thing.... Good to be informed somehow.....

16.11.49 16.06.2017

You have just no idea. Are you able to distinguish between formal name and a short one? Czechia is cool and will make it.

16.10.58 16.06.2017

There is considerable opposition to the decision so I think people can still call it what they want to. There is no punishment (thank God!) in place for not doing so and we can choose what we as people find more suitable based on our own personal opinions. I for one dislike the name and believe it to be nonsense - but hey, I only represent 50% + of the Czech Republic's (yes I called it that again) public :-) If you were to ask abroad, most would have NO idea what Czechia is. Alea iacta est.

15.14.09 16.06.2017

Czechia - call our country Czechia finally, please. Since July 5, 2016, Czechia has been the official name of the country being included in the UN List of World Geographical Names (UNGEGN) & the United Nations Terminology Database (UNTERM) . The name is codified by ISO 3166 Standards - when you use geographic name in all other cases (Finland, Denmark, Poland, etc., not Republic of Finland, not Kingdom of Denmark), use also geographic name of our country. It is official (as above). Thank you.

13.53.59 16.06.2017

The Ideal Woman has a Czech face! Also she is the most expensive!

05.55.27 16.06.2017