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How do your rankings stack up against Brewsta's? Readers Choose Prague's Best Burgers Readers Choose Prague's Best Burgers

How do your rankings stack up against Brewsta's?

Published 13.12.2012
Last updated 19.03.2013

Burgers have always been a hot topic on, but the numbers on Brewsta's latest Annual Burger Rankings are especially impressive, with 10,000 views and 750 Facebook likes in two weeks!

At the end of Brewsta's rankings, we asked YOU to vote on Prague's best burger. With 541 responses, here are the results for the top 20:

18. (tie) Fasty's
18. (tie) James Joyce
18. (tie) True Blue
18. (tie) Fraktal
15. (tie) Belushi's
15. (tie) James Dean
15. (tie) Bejzment
12. (tie) Domyno
12. (tie) Café Palanda
11. Café Sladkovský
9. (tie) Restaurace Jáma 
9. (tie) Yes Burger
7. (tie) Hard Rock Café
7. (tie) TGI Friday's
6. Bohemia Bagel Holešovice
5. Krystal Mozaika Bistro
3. (tie) Dish Fine Burger Bistro
3. (tie) Mood Restaurant
2. Blackdog Cantina
1. The Tavern

The Tavern, Brewsta's #2 pick, was the clear favorite, with a whopping 125 votes (23%) - more than double the next highest.

Here's the full breakdown of Brewsta's picks, as voted by our readers: Readers Choose Prague's Best Burgers

And here are the places you think we missed (with two or more votes):

Domyno 9
Bejzment 6
James Joyce 4
Fastys 4
Merlin's 3
Krákora Restaurace Bar 3
Kofein 3
Mozaika 2
Hadog (České Budějovice) 2
Shadow Bar 2
El Barrio del Angel 2
Dream Burger 2
Texas Steakhouse 2
Globe Bookstore and Cafe 2
Barbecue u Davida 2
U Dědka 2

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Comment from: wiggypier Published: 02:09:03 24.04.2013
I visited Pauls burger pub as promised and i was very impressed, the buns were made locally and nicely toasted, the burger was flame grilled and served medium rare. The beer was Kocour and the menu was very interesting and very good value for money and the place is very nice on the inside and the staff are friendly
Comment from: PianoMan Published: 01:05:45 23.04.2013
Actually I've just went back and read the recent Fraktal review, my criticism of Brewsta was now clearly unwarranted. I read the review months ago, and I've really got what I deserved going there today: "In 2011, the Fraktal Burger (185 CZK) came in fifth place. Oh, how the mighty have fallen! I had it just a couple of weeks ago, and it went very wrong. The ground beef is the most important part of any burger, and this one had three significant pieces of gristle or sinew that were quite unpleasant to chew on. And chew on. The patty was way too salty. They have a wonderful flame grill at this restaurant that adds a lot of flavor. It would take a lot to screw up something grilled on it. They managed it. They even grilled the pre-cooked bacon to heat it up. I watched as it caught fire. I thought perhaps they had discovered a new method for cooking bacon. In fact, they discovered a way to give it the consistency of rope. It was harder to chew than the gristle. They also introduced a new "cornbread" bun. It was a little stale, and way too big for the 150 gram patty. There was a lot of it left at the end. I could go on, but I'll stop here." My own fault for not reading it again before I went tonight, I hadn't realised how bad it actually was rated.
Comment from: PianoMan Published: 12:47:08 23.04.2013
I just went to Fraktal tonight, another one thats been on the list to visit as its relatively nearby. Honestly, I feel a little let down by it. I've eaten in a lot of Brewsta reviewed places purely on the strength of his review alone, and never been disappointed. Maybe he's just setting the bar high by getting it right so often, and it had to go wrong at some point. I feel tonight was that night. Bread on the burgers didn't even seem like it was fresh. I ordered a Jalapeño burger and there was vaguely any kick to this thing at all. Fries were frozen from a plastic bag (I know this for sure as I was sitting 6 feet from the guy cooking them). Perhaps I'm being unfair to Brewsta - he did mention the quality has went downhill, maybe I went in expecting standards that got it a 6th place in the 2011 burger list. But its 22nd now, and if I could only find 21 places serving better burgers than I had tonight, I'd be seriously disappointed. It pains me to say it, but I'd rather have had a Texas grander meal from KFC as a takeaway.
Comment from: wiggypier Published: 11:45:27 19.04.2013
i am going to try a new place in Karlin at the weekend, so i'll keep you posted. It is Peter,s burger pub in Karlin on Thamova
Comment from: Published: 02:22:42 19.04.2013
Ha! Ha! Wife just called, she is there with two of my brats now...eating hamburgers
Comment from: Published: 12:42:07 19.04.2013
The most under rated burger in all Praha is at a small shack called ZALETNA It is found in the garden of the Agricultural Museum at the entrance to Letna park (from the Technical museum side). My wife and kids love this burger even more than they love pizza. As a vegetarian, I cant say much about it, other than family love it far better than the ones found at Bohemia Bagel.
Comment from: Jen Published: 11:56:40 19.04.2013
It's a dirty job, Gazz, but someone's got to do it... :)
Comment from: Published: 11:49:51 19.04.2013
Does Brewster do anything other than Eat himself to death??? :)
Ola(Guest) Published: 11:40:31 19.04.2013
The Mood changed their Chef so it is no longer an American, the burger was a huge disappointment and so were the ribs. The Dish was the best so far! Also Bohemian Bagel varies based on the location you go to! The one by Staromák is bad but Veletržní is on my top list.
Comment from: czechmeout1873 Published: 09:14:05 08.01.2013
The burger I had in MOOD was average at best, dry and tasteless.. maybe an off night for the chef but I won't be rushing back to give it another try... I'd go to Dish again to try more of theirs first.
Comment from: ndy79 Published: 06:35:33 01.01.2013
Have had burgers at Jama, Mood, Fraktal, Tavern, and Bohemia Bagel. Of those 5 my rankings are: #5: Tavern; #4: Jama; #3) Bohemia Bagel; #2) Fraktal; #1) Mood. The Tavern is highly overrated. They have a neat concept of fresh baked buns, curly fries, and a cool atmosphere, but the burger is bland; the curly fries are a rip off, coming in a variety basket with regular fries; and the food took ages to come out of the kitchen. The service was charming and the owner seemed quite friendly based on my phone interaction with her, but this is a classic "hipster/expat in the know" spreading word about this place being something special when its really just a mediocre food experience. Hype over substance all the way. #4) Jama is a place that my American friends want to meet at all the time. It's mainly because its one of the only American style cuisine (aka fried stuff) restaurants around. It leaves the impression of a place that was something kind of cool at one time and has just coasted since then, with tired service, a tired menu, and inconsistent food. The only reason its higher than Tavern is because the first time I got a burger there it was amazing, then the second time it was cold and dry and without a toasted bun, making it as sad at the atmosphere of this place. #3) Bohemia Bagel is basically a better version of Burger King. It's fast food style where you pay in advance and have to pick up your food as they call it out, the burger comes out the same every time and never amazes you, but never disappoints. Even if the burger is a bit dry at times, they give you a mountain of french fries to placate you. Hard to fault a place that knows what it is and gives you what you expect every time, even if expectations aren't too high going in. #2) Fraktal is kind of a dark, grimy place, but they do a very juicy burger that is hard to beat and at a good price. Just the fact that they do the simple things like toast the bun, put crispy bacon on, and give you a perfectly seasoned hamburger is enough, and something that rarely happens in Prague on what should be a simple dish to prepare. I'm always satisfied when I leave here after a burger and a couple of beers. #1) Mood is hands down the best burger in the city. Its prepared by an American professional chef that you know can probably cook more refined dishes, but since no other restaurant really knows how to make an American "restaurant burger" (aka, with excellent ingredients and flawless execution) he's made it his thing to get people into his restaurant. The bun is fresh and toasted, the bacon is crispy, the bbq sauce is in the right amount to add a little extra flavor without overwhelming, the sauteed onions were yummy, and then there is the tasty beef with just enough fat to give it the right texture and flavor. Plus the big bowl of curly fries on the side just makes everything complete. Its perfect and would draw excellent reviews in an American city. Compare that to the rather meager competition it faces in Prague, it is a stand out.
Comment from: Brewsta Published: 02:35:36 19.12.2012
Fraktal tells me their burger is much improved now. Will have to investigate.
Comment from: animaleyes76 Published: 04:01:45 18.12.2012
Had a Fraktaliser in Fraktals last night. Very nice :)
Comment from: Published: 11:51:15 16.12.2012
There is no way that the tavern is better than mood! Sorry but I guess this is just a popularity contest at this point!
Comment from: Published: 02:46:18 15.12.2012
The Tavern wins because it's located in the middle of expat land.
Comment from: SpawnMeister666 Published: 04:28:53 15.12.2012
Krakora has good burgers, but don't order a cheeseburger if you like meat as their cheeseburger is exactly that, a burger with all cheese. They also have pumas in the beer garden, and that alone is worth a visit
Comment from: Published: 09:21:42 14.12.2012
mood is no more then a mid-low grade burger