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Be sure to check out our new event listings. Event Listings Event Listings

Be sure to check out our new event listings.

Published 10.04.2006
Last updated 26.04.2006

New Event Listings from!

Looking for something to do this weekend? Need some tips on where to go?

Look no further than the new events system. Featuring all the best events in Prague - complete with not only all the standard info (time & date/venue/prices) but also detailed descriptions, images, and much more. And all of our events are hand-picked from the cream of Prague´s crop.

Events can be found here:

Or through the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the page. Check out events for today, tomorrow, this weekend or the next three months...

Also be sure to watch the homepage for the top event picks each week.

Add Your Own Event!

Add *any* type of event to our system - from business commerce, to dining, wine tasting, charity, schools, clubs, bars, concerts - anything!

Simply log in to with your username & password and select “”, then “MyEvents”. Enter all the relevant information, and after a short approval period, your event should be live on Expats. It´s as simple as that! Try it out here:

(Remember: you must be logged in. Only registered users may submit events.)

And if you have a business listing on, you can even bind your event to it.

New event listings from!

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