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Be seen in one of the Czech Republic's most popular directories on the internet, by upgrading your account to a premium listing.

Join our business directory of over 6500 listings. Each month the business directory receives over 250,000 page views generated by 2000 unique visitors each and every day.

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10 reasons to upgrade

  • • Appear highlighted all the top categories (example: Business Schools)
  • • Listings are optimized for Google rankings (example)
  • • Be listed in up to 3 or more categories
  • • Upload unlimited image gallery to your listings
  • • Target specific keywords (example: "dentists")
  • • Add special content, including PDF documents & movies
  • • Track the number of views your listing receives
  • • Instant emails from your listings from a contact form
  • • Enjoy an unlimited description of services
  • • Control and change your listing anytime using an edit control panel

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Here are just a few from thousands of possible variations:

What do Premium Listings look like?

Help & Support

Not sure how to prepare your listing? No problem, we'll help and guide you through the entire process and assemble it all for you. Contact a member of our team today and find out how you can get your listing upgraded.

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